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Electrical Counters: E5J
Resettable Electromechanical Counter
Counters: M50
Ratchet Drive Counter
Electrical Counters: E8E
Micro Display Adding Counter
Electrical Counters: E8B
Mini Electromagnetic Counter: Rear Mount
Counters: M39
Mechanical Counter, Rachet Type Series
Counters: E12
Miniature Electro Magnetic Counter
Counters: E14B
Electronic Impulse Counter/Frog Eye
Counters: M4B
COMPAC - Revolution & Direct Drive
Counters: M24
Multi-Colored Hand Tally
Counters: E2B
Electric Non-Reset Type Counter
Counters: E8E
D.C. Adding Counter for PCB and Panel
Counters: E6B
Electric Miniature Electro-Mechanical counter
Counters: E3B
Electric Resettable Knob Type Counter
Counters: M3C
Mechanical Resettable Stroke Counter
Counters: M2B
Mechanical Ratchet Drive Counter
Counters: P14
Electric Miniaturized Panel-Mounted Counter
Counters: P2G
Electric Miniature Adding Counter
Counters: E9E
Electric Miniature Adding Counter with Reset
Counters: P5A
Electric Miniature Adding Counter with Reset
Counters: E5E
LCD Preset Timer/Maintenance Application
Counters: E4B
Electronic Miniature Impulse Counter