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Product Information

Design and compliance

The Most Reliable Design

ENM products are used by original equipment manufacturers in medicine, office products, casinos, off-road equipment, standby generators and other fields.

ENM Company counters and hour meters are applied in a wide array of industrial applications. Special factors such as count rate, high/low temperature testing, shock, pulse width, case size and cost are addressed in every design to provide the most reliable and cost effective design.

ENM’s secrets of success in a very competitive marketplace are custom engineering, personal service and continuous attention to the basics: quality, reliability and service.

Products For Any Application

Our experience in electromechanical and electronics design enable us to offer a variety of products for any application. We can also modify any existing standard design to accommodate a customer’s needs. Our standard products are also available through distributors.

If your machines perform repetitive operations, handle money, measure distance or count inventory, you need an ENM counter to keep record. ENM counters vary in features and appearance, but they all provide accurate and reliable counting. ENM has all types of counters to suit your needs, from hand tallies to sophisticated electronic devices.

If your machines require maintenance at regular intervals, continuous measurement of operating time or operate under warranty or you need the operating time of a device for any reason, you need an ENM hour meter. ENM hour meters provide an accurate means of recording operating time for almost any machine or device on a long-term basis.