1957Celebrating 67 Years2024
  • New

    LCD Tach/Hour Meter

    PT16F, Multi-function

    This LCD tachometer and hour meter combination has extra functions such as a job timer, service timer, and ability to set various firing patterns.

  • Promo

    LCD Battery Indicator

    PT33, Multi-function

    This compact meter with various functions and alert systems is ideal for customers who wish to get the most relevant information from their battery system.

  • LCD Timer

    TB45, Presettable

    This pre-settable AC/DC hour meter features a 6 digit LCD with self-powered CMOS circuitry. The hour meter can be pre-program using the terminals. The total accumulated time is always displayed.

  • New

    LCD Hour Meter

    L4, Self Powered

    Features a 7 digit LCD display with self-powered CMOS circuit. These units are powered by an internal lithium battery. The hour meter can be with and without external electronic reset.

  • LCD Hour Meter

    T56F6, Vibration Activated, Magnet Mounted

    This meter operates only when it is introduced to vibrating equipment and can be installed anywhere on equipment with no special wiring connection or power source to operate.

  • Electronic Hour Meter

    T50B, 440-480 VAC Hour Meter

    A low cost, reliable hour meter incorporating the latest state-of-the-art in electronics. It’s quartz-crystal time base insures accurate long term time-keeping.