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We are proud to have a product line that covers almost any counting or timing application. With ENM as a supplier, you will have the highest quality, quickest delivery, and the expertise of over 65 years of experience as an OEM supplier of counters and hour meters on your side.

Products For Any Application

Our experience in electromechanical and electronics design enable us to offer a variety of products for any application. We can also modify any existing standard design to accommodate a customer’s needs. Our standard products are also available through distributors.

If your machines perform repetitive operations, handle money, measure distance or count inventory, you need an ENM counter to keep record. ENM counters vary in features and appearance, but they all provide accurate and reliable counting. ENM has all types of counters to suit your needs, from hand tallies to sophisticated electronic devices.

If your machines require maintenance at regular intervals, continuous measurement of operating time or operate under warranty or you need the operating time of a device for any reason, you need an ENM hour meter. ENM hour meters provide an accurate means of recording operating time for almost any machine or device on a long-term basis.

Standard Mounting Types

Panel Mounting is obtained by cutting a circular or rectangular cut-out in the desired panel and the instrument is inserted with the flange resting on the top of the panel. The instrument is held in place by compressing a plastic or steel spring clip from behind the panel. This type of mounting is very popular because it requires no additional fasteners. Models are also considered panel mounted when they are inserted into a panel cut-out and mounted from the front using a two or more hole flange and fastened with screws from the front of the panel.

Back of panel mounting is usually achieved by cutting an opening in a thin panel large enough to read the display. Two or more holes are drilled in the panel and screws are inserted from the front to secure the instrument against the back of the panel wall.

Base mounting is usually a free standing mount and connections are made with a two or more hole flange at the bottom of the unit. This is a standard mount for most mechanical counters and is sometimes used for hour meters when a panel is not available.

PC board mounting is common for using counters in add-on PCB modules to electronic machinery. This type of mounting eliminates the need for any wires and multiple counters can be assembled as one unit. The counters are attached by soldering the protruding pins into the PCB and two or more fasteners are also screwed into the bottom of the unit for additional support onto the PC board.

Rear mounting is similar to PCB mounting except there are no pins for soldering, only two or more holes on the bottom for threaded or self-tapping screws. This is an optional type of mounting used mainly when a suitable panel is not available.

Quality Management

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Standards Compliance
  • UL Recognized Component File #E52291
  • UL File #E43429
  • UL File #AU2254
  • UL Environmental Rating File #210201-E52291 (for NEMA 3R, 4, 4X and 12 standards)
  • CE/EEC
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